2017 Monaco F1 Grand Prix

The iconic street-circuit race around Monte Carlo is the highlight of the F1 season: experience a weekend like no other with our Monaco Formula 1 hospitality.The challenging circuit around the streets of Monaco is an enduring attraction of the season, a guarantee of the best entertainment on and off, the track.

Our Monaco Formula One Hospitality packages are extensive, varied and cater for everyone. Enjoy the best views from our Ermanno Palace 7th Floor suite, or a combination hospitality weekend incorporating one day on a luxury yacht & one day in the Ermanno Palace. For those on a budget, there's no need to compromise, as our Ermanno Palace 3rd Floor suite has great views right over St. Devote. All of our hospitality in Monte Carlo comes complete with gourmet catering, complimentary all day bars, plus exceptional views of the action.

Monte Carlo is the biggest party of the race season. We have exclusive access to many of the best after-race parties including Amber Lounge & Podium Lounge, where you will have an opportunity to mix with F1 drivers and celebrity guests.

Ermanno Palace 7th Floor Hospitality

Located right on Turn 1 at St. Devote, with spectacular views over the harbour. There is no better place to watch the Monaco Grand Prix from. Full weekend hospitality available from GB£2,450pp. Full details & information, click here

Ermanno Palace 3rd Floor Hospitality

Just a few floors down from our 7th floor, this entry level package guarantees great action right over turn 1. Full weekend hospitality available from GB£1,395pp. Full details & information, click here

Combo Package Hospitality

The best of both worlds. Yacht package on Saturday, with Ermanno Palace 7th Floor on Sunday. Full weekend hospitality available from GB£3,150pp. Full details & information, click here

Yacht Hospitality

Moored inside the Monaco harbour, come aboard our luxury tri-deck yacht & soak up the rays, whilst keeping abreast of all the action on track. Full weekend hospitality available from GB£3,150pp. Full details & information, click here

Formula 1 Paddock Club

Located in the Monaco Yacht Club, with race viewing from Grandstand T. Packages start from US$6,300pp. Full details & information, click here

For more information about our 2017 Monte Carlo F1 hospitality packages, accommodation, transfers, or to order any F1 tickets, please contact EDGE GLOBAL